The Only Carry-on Suitcase to Backpack Converter!!!

Monkey Strap Allows for Hands Free Travel!!

Monkey Strap is made of the highest machine washable quality materials and is built to last. Monkey Strap is a suitcase adapter that converts carry-on suitcase to backpack.

Monkey Strap is easy to attach on a carry-on suitcase. Navigating through the airport jungle, the streets and bus stations is made safer and easier.

Need a Solution for Your Carry-On Suitcase Challenges??

Monkey Strap allows for hands free travel    
Frees up your hands for PDA or mobile phone    
Eliminates wheeling carry-on suitcase in a crowd    
Gives parents the option to hold a child's hand while walking    

Buy for yourself or as a gift. Monkey Strap makes traveling more convenient.
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